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what did i do wrong this time?




you found me…

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i’ll just learn to conceal my feelings better and not inconvenience you 😀

but at least we got it worked out where we stand and hey as you said, at least we salvaged something out of this mess.

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Was looking forward to today actually. Didn’t have much sleep yesterday due to work and studies but I’l rather forgo proper rest to spend time with you. My mistake would be not even bothering to play the game of cat-and-mouse and baring open my feelings too much I guess. A case of familiarity breeds contempt? As things turn out, turning down alternative Saturday plans in anticipation of a nice night out kinda like fell flat. I promised myself I would stoically bear disappointment or negative feelings in the hopes of not affecting anyone else with my dark thoughts but not sure if that belief is gonna hold firm now cause I’m at the edge of breaking. If everything was a ploy to test my resolve well, then I’m glad in a sad sort of way it’s succeeding. Miscommunication is the bane of most relationships be it for friends, partners or family. I never want that to happen in my life and yet I see things unfolding like a sad korean drama haha. I just bite my lip and suck it all up in anticipation that one day, one fine day perhaps you would learn to see me for who I am and love me. Because if you really did, you would spend more time with me, actually care for how I feel towards you and not let me down. But you are you and things are fine the way they are, as long as you remain happy. ^^

“No one can change a person, but a person can be the reason why someone changes”



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Most people’s blogs start with something cheerful and mood-lifting. Mine doesn’t. I don’t even know why I write my random thoughts down as I always felt it’s a huge waste of time. Slept on bus 130 in my usual seat and overshot all the way till Serangoon. On a whim, I decided to walk home from there.

Yes i feel very alone right now as the world passes me by and I think of a time when everything seemed fun and exciting. I left all that behind to be a better person and I can somehow understand why would people choose to live life on the line. You feel alive.

Piglet: How do you spell LOVE?

Pooh: You don’t spell it. You feel it.

Hello world!

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I think therefore I am.